Why to use pay-per-content.com as a content creator

Why to use pay-per-content.com as a content creator

The topic of paying per content on the internet has been around for quite some time with a fluctuating interest. Especially after cryptocurrencies have picked up the pace, among which a few allow feeless transactions and therefore make micro transactions possible, the idea has been given a boost. The current situation on this topic gets described well in this article.

Existing solutions

Over the years there have been various plugins and services which tried to monetize the individual content. The majority of these early movers have disappeared. Mostly due to either onboarding constraints for readers, e.g. even for a per content purchase one has to sign up to a certain platform, or a not cost-effective infrastructure.

With the rise of crypto currencies, new possibilities have opened up to make pay per content business models finally a reality. Among those new solutions who rely on cryptocurrencies, the most popular one is satoshipay. They have succeeded to offer a one-click (after having set up the browser wallet) micro purchase on Wordpress with their own browser wallet at nearly no cost for the reader, which comes already very close to a perfect solution.
Their service comes with an own Stellar wallet, which connects to PayPal and various credit card companys. One can only assume, that these extra features (which are very convenient) are quite expensive and therefore have a strong influence on their pricing where they charge 10% of the revenue. While they allow cost-effective micro payments for the reader, the content creator has to sacrifice quite a piece of the pie for that service; nearly 5 times the commission which is charged by conventional payment providers.

Service Fees Setup cost Platforms
satoshipay.io 10% - Wordpress + API for custom solutions
cminds Pay Per Post WooCommerce payment provider (1,4-5%) 69$ Wordpress
pay-per-content.com 0,9% - Wordpress + Ghost + any website
jarbly Pay Per Post Stripe (1,4 - 2,9% + 25c) 77$ Wordpress

Why pay-per-content.com

Other than other pay per content service providers, pay-per-content.com does not connect to external payment services and offers a purely IOTA based service. Focusing on a single, fee-less payment base layer allows us to keep the service light weight and cost-effective what results in extremely low fees (0,9%). These fees will be charged when you perform a payout of your revenue, i.e. no fees are charged if you have no revenue. Together with not selling an expensive plugin, we allow anybody to join and monetize their content without any financial risk. Even when paying out your revenue from the platform there are no limitations. If you have generated 1$ of revenue, you can payout this dollar without any restrictions and when you have generated 1 Million dollars, you can payout this amount at no additional cost as well.

Further, pay-per-content.com does not rely on plugins for particular frameworks, but fetches the content from your website in real time to deliver it to your reader. This means that the platform can easily be integrated into any website which restricts content, as it fetches the origianl page and tops it up with the content which shall only be shown to the paying customers.

How it works

Another benefit of pay-per-content.com is that there is a (not feature complete) community version, so the content creator can install his own instance and is not forced to use our service.

By restricting ourself to the IOTA native token, we are dependent on the user having access to said token. We expect the accessibility and usability of cryptocurrencies to increase exponentially in the coming years, where the IOTA foundation has already set a benchmark with their Firefly Wallet.